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Private Eye – Basic Roleplaying System

I deduce! – Sherlock Holmes
The great detective appeared in 1887, moved into an apartment in London, and solved the most intricate cases. Well over 100 years later, Private Eye sent role-players on his tracks for the first time. In the now fourth edition, the hunt again is on for fraudsters and murderers, thieves, burglars, and other major and minor criminals in the city on the Thames River. The time is the last third of the 19th century, the time of Queen Victoria, when London is the centre of the United Kingdom. Deduce yourself: As a lawyer, journalist, older lady or any other contemporary, you become detectives yourself. Easy to understand, simple rules allow the game to run focusing on the actual role-playing, the storytelling, and the interaction between the players. The comprehensive background section contains the necessary information about the time-period, which comes to life again with descriptions of important buildings and the facts of everyday life: transportation, fashion, and entertainment. The historical techniques and criminological resources available to your detectives investigating the crime scene and the victim are presented in great detail. Perpetrators and representatives of law and justice both get sufficient attention. After this excursion into Victorian England, the introductory adventure by Martin Lindner invites you to get started in London in 1884: lies and deceit undermine the family life in the pub The King’s Head. The first case for the fledgling detectives!

One of my easiest deductive exercises. – Sherlock Holmes
Corebook for the detective roleplaying system in den victorian time. With all rules, many informations about the victorian london and methodes of criminal investigation and an adventure.

Private Eye: Basic Roleplaying System Rulebook

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  • Private Eye – Basic Roleplaying System Rulebook

    256 pages
    DIN A4 
    DIN A1 colour map from London in 1895

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